transforming your manufacturing plant into a modern facility

When our customers want to revisualize their manufacturing facilities for their critical processes, they turn to GAras.
Get To The Future

Process Evaluation

At GAras we review your manufacturing efficiency by examining your complete process.

Facility Review

We will perform a complete audit of your manufacturing layout to help you improve your efficiency.


It always starts with an idea! GAras will build on your foundation, and transform your ideas into a vision for the future.


As process improvement experts, we offer a host of consulting services that can be tailored to your needs.

Production inefficiencies?

Go from YESTERDAY to TOMORROW, and get to the future SOONER.

Change is inevitable. The company you built yesterday is growing and production demands are increasing.  Technology is advancing.  How does your company prepare for tomorrow in this changing environment?  It all begins with process. At GAras we can help you optimize the process, and revisualize the future.  Imagine these types of results…

Profitability Increase
Efficiency Improvements
Labour Reduction
Floor Space Reduction


At GAras we offer an automation auditing service which is designed specifically for your company.


By working together with your team, we help you develop your ideas and explore new possibilities.


GAras will guide you through the creative engineering process of transforming ideas into reality.


We provide dynamic training that integrates practical knowledge with your unique needs.

“We have enjoyed working with Tom. Both his experience and processes helped us to improve our business system to be more successful.”Dale Harper
VP and General Manager
Mancor Industries Inc

“The team was impressed and so was I with the combination of theory and hands on activities ensuring that the concepts were understood and most importantly internalized.

We look forward to having you become part of our team’s growth process in the future.”Bob van den Berg
General Manager
Murrelecktronik Canada

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GAras is focused on helping companies visualize the next steps in order to modernize their facilities.  We engage them in reviewing their current state of:  process, costs, automation and equipment. Together we define a new path for their future.

As manufacturing efficiency experts, we are here to solve your unique challenges.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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