Revisualization is the key to a successful future.  GAras will help you imagine what the future of manufacturing for your critical process could look like.  We will start with your foundation and identify the elements that work well.  Then we will review your components for manufacturability and make recommendations for improvement if necessary.  All of this will be done with your future volumes in mind.

The next phase will be to use the information to map your process to your facility.  This will take into account the layout, aisles, storage, equipment, and people. 

Through a collaborative process with members of your team and GAras, we will determine the type of automation that is appropriate for your facility.   This may or may not include:  robots, conveyors, lean cells, assembly dials, automated guided vehicles,  or numerous other elements.

As we revisualize your future, we will determine your level of integration with various software systems.  Today we call this Industry 4.0 or Smart Factory.  Part of this analysis will be to determine the level of integration with your ERP system, how much quality data you want to gather, and the level of integration with machine data.   

Often, companies hope for a complete integration of all systems.  GAras will help you balance your needs and wants against  budgets, timelines, and available technology. 

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